5th grade science fair experiment using password

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5th grade science fair experiment using password

Postby johnbz680 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:40 pm

Hi there. We want to do our 5th grade science experiment this year on passwords. Specifically, so far our thought was to survey people to find the rate of password duplication among a person's accounts. But.. that idea is more of a survey than an experiment really. With those results, we could surmise that the greater rate of duplication the lower total password security a person might have (if one password is learned, and passwords are the same it could compromise other accounts).

But... we still really don't have an experiment at this point. I'm posting today to see if anyone has ideas on how to take our survey into an actual experiment that can be tested...

The experiment somehow needs to be set up as, "IF people duplicate passwords, THEN...." and we need to be able to test the "THEN...."

All ideas welcome, thanks in advance. Ideas pertaining to passwords other than duplication also welcome.

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Re: 5th grade science fair experiment using password

Postby brantgurga » Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:12 pm

I can't think of much that'd be an experiment that you could do in the time and with the amount of people to whom you have access about passwords. Here's one I think could be done: Get a baseline survey of password generalities (repeated passwords, password complexity, etc.). Leave one group unaltered as a control. for a second group, install Lastpass (Does lastpass's mere presence influence password behavior), For a third group, install LastPass and give good password practices. For perhaps a fourth group, instruct in good password practices alone. Let several weeks pass. Survey on password behavior. What scenario brought the most change? Did some scenarios initially have change but then revert habits?
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