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Prebuild feedback

Postby luxxxl » Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:19 am

As your email server (well, Google Groups?) doesn't like replies, prebuild feedback goes here.

Bug: using the old alt-g hotkey to generate a password, I wasn't asked if I wanted to save the new account data when registering at --- where would it even ask me if the notification bar is not going to be used anymore?

Bug2: while I was looking at a website where I have 15+ accounts saved, LastPass committed ritual suicide: ... Iav0FH.jpg -- that entire bar is LastPass!

New UI can be slightly if not very irritating. Every input field now has an icon where I can select the stored login data, which is utterly redundant and confusing. The pop up menus for login data selection for some reason show me some accounts twice (when I access my bank website the preferred login datais already filled out -- form fields manually saved-- and the dropdown menu lists that twice plus another account I have saved). It even shows a '3' next to every field despite me only having two accounts saved.
What makes the login data selection dropdown more confusing is that there is nothing separating generated passwords (pw only with no login name or other form fields) from actual saved accounts. Are they sorted chronologically? With the old menu I often found it hard to find out which was the most recent generated password.

The extension seems to hang and lag a lot on Firefox, sometimes freezing the browser for minutes.

"Refresh sites" is now hidden in some 'advanced' submenu despite being frequently needed due to LastPass randomly losing the vault contents while logged in until one manually refreshes sites.

P.S.: I didn't try the Android build yet as I fear that would shut me out of automatic updates via Google Play. The assumption is correct, yes?
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