prebuild 23/10/2013 Firefox Alt+PgDn doesn't autofill next

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prebuild 23/10/2013 Firefox Alt+PgDn doesn't autofill next

Postby libove » Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:19 pm

Hi LastPass,
First, thanks in the current prebuild for replacing the red box highlighting (which formerly could cause the input box to become unreadable) with a faint grey asterisk in the background. The little subscript showing how many matching sites there are is also a nice touch.
Although it's quite ugly, it doesn't make the input in the box completely unreadable like before.
However, in Chrome I see that LastPass still red-bolds the dialog boxes, which will still cause the problem of inputs into those boxes sometimes becoming unreadable.
UGH! And I see that updating the LastPass plugin STILL throws away the old preferences (like whether/when/where to pop up notifications)! Please, fix that! Updates should not discard preferences!

About the Subject: of this post. I notice that in Firefox 24.0 on Windows 7 (64-bit), with the 23/10/2013 LastPass prebuild, Alt+PgDn and Alt+PgUp don't cycle through possible site auto-fills on some sites (; other behave quite weirdly ( such as dropping down quite truncated lists of possible matching sites on tapping Alt (even before/without PgDn).
In Chrome LastPass extension 2.5.5 simply does nothing with Alt+PgDn/PgUp on CapitalOne. It works correctly on SouthernCompany.

I've just begun using the PreBuild today. I'll report further as I go along. Although, I think that these behaviors may have been present in the current release (not pre-) build also.
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