Bugs in nightlies

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Bugs in nightlies

Postby crrodriguez » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:16 am

In Firefox 4:

- Tools --> Check for updates
says nothing, I expect it to say "there are no updates" or "installing ..."

- There is an odd behaviour, sometimes you have to log in twice, no "incorrect password"
message is shown, yubikey dialog appears, succeeds, but you remain logged out.

Chromium 12:

- If you fail password once, but succeed at the second time, the icon displays "Incorrect password" message from
the first time, and is not automaticlaly cleaned after second successful logging.


Login information fails to share between chromium and firefox 4, and oddly enough if you are logged in in Chromium
but fail to log in Firefox due to either the second firefox bug mentioned or mistake the password, you get logged out
from chromium and viceversa.
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