Lastpass with Citrix

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Lastpass with Citrix

Postby Aurock » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:02 pm

I'm working right now on trying to get Lastpass Enterprise working for my organization. We're quickly learning our way around it, but are running into trouble with citrix based applications. I've sent an email to support, but was hoping other users here have experience using lastpass with citrix based published apps.

First thing, I've got the lastpass client running on my local workstation, it's not installed on the citrix servers. Does it need to be installed on the citrix server? (That would be a problem, if so.)

When I train lastpass with the login for one of our citrix apps, it detects the exe of the actual citrix client, not the app itself. From what I've seen, if multiple citrix apps have been trained, this will result in a dialog coming up asking which set of credentials to use. That actually seems like a decent solution, if lastpass can't tell which app we're actually using.

After lastpass has been trained I tried to use it to log into the app. It clearly is trying to enter the info, but it seems to be putting all the data into the first form field. In this case, when lastpass is done I see the password, in clear text, entered into the username field.

We've got about 250 users that need to log in to dozens of applications spread across multiple windows domains without trusts between them. Lastpass seems to be an ideal solution, but I have got to make it work with our citrix apps. Has anyone else had similar issues? What did you do to get lastpass working with citrix?
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Re: Lastpass with Citrix

Postby tomaton » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:53 am

Lastpass is working for me but it is not visible on the top of my Firefox. I have ticked the box saying I want Lastpass toolbar but it has no effect, when I tick and untick it. I am using Xp and Firefox 5.
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