Lastpass 1.60.1 & Chrome

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Lastpass 1.60.1 & Chrome

Postby AlessandroIT » Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:42 pm

Hi dear team,
first of all i'm very happy of what you are doing for us..lastpass is simply the best and a Must have for Any web-surfer! But let's go to the question..

#1 - In The Options panel, when i enter any email address or password, nothing is remebered after the browser is restarted (even if both, or one of the "Remember login" - "Remember password" is ticked). Of course if in any session i enter email and password anything works fine
#2 - If you surf the web and visit 2 or more sites for example where you log-in for the 1st time, lastpass recognize the login but only the last one: In other words if you login on the 1st site, the icon starts rotating and displaying (1)..if you don't save the site and visit the 2nd one, login again for the 1st time, lastpass recognize the login but it still display (1) on the rotating icon but if you click on it, it will ask just to save the last visited website
#3 - There's more than one site that lastpass doesn't recognize after 1st login (i.e or

What can i say is that with a very old plugin, and an older version of chrome, everything was fine. Is it possible to solve those problems and get a better version?
Thanks team ;)
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