Auto-login and GMAIL.

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Auto-login and GMAIL.

Postby tvstevey » Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:06 pm

The weirdest thing recently started happen a few weeks ago on 1 laptop. My wife and I both use Gmail. I have Lastpass on several Firefox browsers running on XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu and OS X. This very annoying behavior only happens on 1 of 2 Windows 7 machines I log into Gmail with. Every other OS (all using Firefox) the Auto-Logins for both myself and my wife work great. Only on this 1 machine does it always pick her log-in, even when I selected my login from the Auto-Login button and both profiles are present. It is extremely annoying to log her out of Gmail, and have it log her back in instead of me. Stopping to re-enter my credentials is a pain as well. It used to work great on that laptop, but the past few weeks it has become maddening. Any ideas?
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