Dropdown doesn't show on android phone "add google account"

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Dropdown doesn't show on android phone "add google account"

Postby IamAguy » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:01 pm

Using a Pixel 3 phone running Android 9 with the latest LastPass app, I am trying to add another Google account on my phone. These are the steps I am taking:

    * Go to settings/Accounts/Add Account/Google and type in phone's password/pin as prompted (not related to LastPass)
    * First screen appears and I tap "Email or phone" field
    * LastPass dropdown appears and I pick the credentials I wish to use (with LastPass password/pin reprompt)
    * Next screen with password shows up and I tap "Enter your password" field.
    * LastPass dropdown does not appear. (This is the problem)
    * I cannot copy the password from the LastPass app and paste it in the field manually because the password for the account I am trying to add comes from my work's LastPass account.
    * When on the first screen where I am typing the email for the Google account, if I tap away/dismiss the LastPass dropdown-thing-with-all-the-accounts-for-me-to-choose, it'll never come back just like in the password screen. I have to start over, get the form to show anew the email form before LastPass will show the dropdown again.
    * I've tried restarting the phone
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