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Problematic Autofill Paypal LastPass Yubikey MF2

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:38 am
by dgraves740
I am having trouble setting up my PC to do autofill with the same limited number of keystrokes as my iPhone.
With my iPhone I can launch any app, the iPhone asks for my touch ID and calls the app when I supply the touch. Two keystrokes and I am logged in.
My PC is a Dell Vostro Windows 10 with Chrome 80.0 LastPass Web. I also have the LastPass app I have Windows set for MF2 which I satisfy using a Yubikey 5 plugged in USB. I have used the Yubikey successfully to control access to Chrome for a year.

My first problem is LastPass. I get requests for the Master Password where I a expecting a call for my Yubikey. Many keystrokes versus 1.
My second problem is PayPal. LastPass has the correct URL, Account and Password, I cannot get autofill to work. I have to cut and paste. The Yubikey is not involved.

Is there a set up instruction to help me get my apps to work so that they autofill and use the Yubikey to control the load?