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Postby J-Mac » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:12 am

This one is not that big a deal, as I just have to wait for the page to load and then click Autofill then choose which one to use. I had the regular login for a while, set to autologin. Then I joined the Mint forum at and could not login there even though I had a separate username and password than the main site; LastPass kept autofilling the forum with the login for the main site, which of course was rejected every time. Trying to eliminate the confusion I deleted both logins on LP and recreated them, saving each as I created it. This time, since there were two I did not set either to autologin but I did select Autofill. However LP still gets confused as to which login credentials goes with which site. When I opened the main login page it would sometimes autofill with the correct login and other times it filled in the forum's login. No rhyme or reason that I could discern. So I just deselected Autofill and now I have to select the correct login each time.

This is especially odd because other web sites which use the same subdomain for their forums work just fine, with LP filling the correct login info for both. The only site where I have had this problem is and its forums. Could this be something in the way is designed? Has anyone else experienced this at Mint?

Thank you.

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