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"Between" logins and form-fills

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:01 pm
by richlivi
Somewhere "between" username/password logins and filling in forms that request the same basic information (name, address, ccard, etc.) are forms that request information other than what LastPass allows with its new form-fill feature. Let me give you one very simple example to explain what I mean. I'm a member of the American Academy of Religion. When you go to their site,, you will notice that it allows members to enter their name and member ID at the top of each page. However, because it isn't requesting the ID via a regular password input field, LastPass doesn't fill it in. Now, of course, I should send a message to to their website admins to start handling this in a more "standard" way, but this raises a larger question: for sites that request customized information that is not available in LP's new form-filling mechanism, are there any work-arounds so that I can use LP to auto-fill them?

Another way of asking my question is this: Within the current framework, do you think it would be technically possible for LastPass to do the following? On any given page with a form, have a LP button pop up at the top of the page that is labeled "Store Form" (or even better, so that you don't get an annoying pop-up on every page with a form, just add a "Store Form" option on the toolbar or sidebar). When I click on that button, LP reads all the fields, and then prompts me with its own AJAX form to fill them in. Once I click "Save", LP stores the data, fills in the form, and I never have to manually fill that form again. Any chance something like this might be supported in the future?