Capital Bank login - opens a new window/tab

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Capital Bank login - opens a new window/tab

Postby daeath » Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:22 pm

I recently taught my mom how to use LP & she loves it, but she's encountered a problem site (that I figured out a work around for): On this site, you fill in just your user name (LP fills password by default) & then it pops open a new tab at: These are, to LP two completely different sites & so to make it Autologin we have to have two separate items: What I did was go to the first site & enter the user name. I saved that as something like "Capital Bank Login". The user name is stored in LP as a password, & if you view the fields, its "AccessID" or something similar. Then I entered the password only on the second site and saved as something like "Capital bank password, don't click me, update this one if you change password." Having these two sites set like this with two separate, one part LP logins was the only way I could find to get around the new tab/redirect. However, it worked out really well & we're happy w/ the autologin now. :D
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