Search matched credentials broken for equivalent domains

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Search matched credentials broken for equivalent domains

Postby joncaburn » Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:09 am

I have multiple sets of credentials for two domains that have been set up as 'equivalent': and When I visit either domain, LP correctly presents a full list of all credentials that match either domain. However if I now use the search function inside the dropdown list, it only searches for credentials that match the domain I happen to be on. So let's say I have 20 credentials available for and 20 credentials available for, when I browse to, LP presents a dropdown list of 40 matching credentials. However if I try to search that list, it only searches credentials that are available for, and ignores those for And vice versa if I visit This feels like a bug rather than intended behaviour. It makes using large sets of credentials across equivalent domains, extremely cumbersome. Does anyone else see this behaviour, or have any suggestions of settings I may have missed?
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