Yubikey 5 NFC & LastPass Teams & Families Accounts

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Yubikey 5 NFC & LastPass Teams & Families Accounts

Postby alf60 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:26 am

I have a LastPass Teams account and a linked LastPass Families account, which inherits the Multifactor Options from the Teams account (currently three Yubikey’s). When I log into either account, after entering the master password, LastPass request authentication from my Yubikey as it should. My questions are:

1. When logged into the Families account, under Multifactor Options there is no indication that Yubikey is Enabled, in fact, it shows Disabled. Being a linked account, I can understand this, but what happens when I unlink this account, will the Families account adopt the Yubikey requirements from the Teams account, showing Yubikey Enabled, and continue to require the Yubikey for multifactor authentication? Or, will the Families account no longer require any multifactor authentication?
2. If question 1 above is NOT the case, should I register the same Yubikeys used for multifactor authentication on the Teams account with the Families account as well? And, if so, is this possible? Does Yubikey assign another digital signature for the Families account different from the Teams account?
3. Regardless of question 1 and 2, can a Yubikey be used for multifactor authentication on multiple LastPass accounts, in my case one Teams account and one Families account? Does the Yubikey use two different digital signatures for the two different accounts or just one signature used for both accounts?

I apologize for the length of my request, and tried searching for a solution before posting, hopefully this will help others with similar questions.

Thanks for Any Help!
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