Confused! Whether I should get its premium version or not?

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Confused! Whether I should get its premium version or not?

Postby ethanmoore1985834 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:48 am

If anyone knows about this?
I was looking for the reviews about the Lastpass, to continue its subscription because I have its trial version and want to get its premium version for my remote team, but then I cam up with Last pass vulnerability back in 2015
(Reference: ... ass-secure)
However It says that, no harm was done but the only thing that was compromised were the users emails and their password reminders.
Is it true or what?
Should I continue it, if any last pass member can help me overcome my fear to loose anything. then i may consider getting its premium version.
I work in a Cybersec company and these little things matters alot to us, but I am out of choices.

Thanks in advance
Looking for positive responses.
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