Sharing passwords between URLs

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Sharing passwords between URLs

Postby hollymcr » Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:47 am

I have a development server in my office (let's call it dev) with DNS set up so that multiple hosts on that site are accessible in short forms (,,, etc) and long forms (,, etc).

Therefore I need LastPass to see and as equivalent, with any credentials for one being used for the other.

I also need LP to see[] as distinct from[], which I have set up via Account Settings -> URL Rules.

When I try to set up "dev" and "" as Equivalent Domains I am told:
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'' is not a valid domain

LastPass already considers the following domains to be equivalent: *

This doesn't make any sense as the URL Rules make clear that * are not equivalent.

(All domain names changed for privacy reasons.)
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