lastpass firefox yubikey

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lastpass firefox yubikey

Postby ulmapache30 » Mon May 18, 2020 4:00 pm

Here's one...laspass+yubikey does not work in firefox unless I clear ALL history from will then work, once. If I try to use it again, I have to go into settings and clear ALL history in order to use lastpass+yubikey. The message that comes up is "yubikey auth failed"... Now, it all works fine in chrome and win 10... So, what gives? Oh, U2F enabled in firefox. The problem with clearing out history is that I have to re-login to a few website forums I use (not critical, no need for extra security) and it is a PITA... Any ideas? Thx...and kudos to lastpass+yubikey...great system, just need it tweaked on firefox.
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