bulk alter records in LP

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bulk alter records in LP

Postby marls » Mon May 18, 2020 9:27 am

Anyone know if there is a way to bulk alter records in LP?
I have a lot of records stored in LP that I need to be able to view, but i don't want them to be included the autofill when logging into sites.
E.g. I have 3 logins for joker.com accounts that are accessed from my PC on a regular basis, but I also have a lot of other joker logins that I only access once every few months if that (customer logins for account maintenance). Is there a way to bulk disable the autofill option for all records in a folder, I have one folder with almost 800 records that I dont want to see when logging into sites? I DON'T want to disable auto fill for all sites, or even for joker.com, I just want to not have to scroll through 20+ logins just to select one of 3 that I use, I don't mind having to manually open my vault and copy/paste user/pass for the rare occasions I need to use another account.

Please note, I know there are delegation options for joker.com, I am just using this as an example for the question and I definitely don't want to disable autofill for a domain, as I use that for my regular logins.
Also, I use the term 'autofill' in this post to mean being presented with login options (when you click the 3 dots on a login field to select the username/password to use to login a site) sorry, not sure of the correct term for that action, if someone gives me the correct term, i can edit this post to make it clearer.

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