Form name changes dynamically, so autofill fails

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Form name changes dynamically, so autofill fails

Postby fuhcidyfuhc » Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:48 pm

I have a Citrix site where LP fails to fill in the username, RSA token (storing partial in LP and the rest I fill in manually), and the password. I can get it to fill in 2 out of 3, so my workaround is to store two different LP entries and autofill in a specific sequence to fill in the data I need.

Seems like you should be able to autofill all this at once if passwords and username were properly stored. I tried the "Sites / Save All Entered Data" option in LP, and it saves all the required fields (with strange names like "a1665928796141940"). However, the problem is that it saves them by "name" and the name on this form is a dynamically generated number like "a1665928796141940" that changes each time the page is refreshed, so LP has no chance of ever matching that name again. Why can't LP be updated to allow matching on other properties of the field, like "id", which on this form, never changes?? Not sure how the LP goes about matching up fields, but this seems totally doable.

Sample field from my login form:
<input type="text" id="Enter user name" class="prePopulatedCredentials" autocomplete="off" spellcheck="true" name="a1665928796141940" size="30" maxlength="127" width="0" autofocus="" title="Enter user name" .....
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