LP and Paycomonline.net

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LP and Paycomonline.net

Postby dashrender » Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:57 pm

our company uses paycomonline.net for timeclock functions.

This site requires - username - password - last 4 of SSN

Lastpass always gets confused between the password field and SSN field.

LastPass labels three fields


If I delete the userpin field, and re-add it as a text field, entering my SSN - LP will fill out the login page - BUT upon clicking the logon button, LP asks to update the record. If you choose update - LP will add a fourth field - userpin - which I'm assuming it being labeled as a password field, instead of text, hence LP thinking it's new.

Can someone suggestion a solution to this? Or can LP work with me to make LP understand this site better?
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