Manually added or edited sites ignored in Chrome extension

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Manually added or edited sites ignored in Chrome extension

Postby jasoncollege24 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:36 pm

Apparently my previous post on this topic was removed, or otherwise archived, before I got back to it...

Windows 10 1903 (up-to-date)
Google Chrome extension (up-to-date)

Any time I manually add a site, change the URL of an existing site, or add/edit form fields for an existing site, ALL of these changes are being completely ignored by LP.

I have 2 examples. One from a few minutes ago, and one that's been happening for many months.

Example 1: Logitech!

I've had an account with them for quite some time, but recently they changed the URL for their site, as a way to try to get LP to autofill, I edited the item in the vault to match the updated URL, which went from to

After saving this change, I I refreshed the logitech login page, but LP doesn't reflect the change, so I still have to copy/paste the credentials, then let LP save the site automatically to get it to work.

Example 2: Anodyne's Nova 2 RPG website software.

I have several entries for Nova 2 websites, and they all behave the same way. is the example site I'll use.

The login form has 3 fields

remember (check box)

On some Nova 2 sites, I made the mistake of not checking the remember check box on first login, so LP didn't check it.

If I go into any of these sites in my vault, and add the remember check box form field, the change gets completely ignored, and the box is never checked. This applies to any form fields that I manually add for any sites.

These things have been happening to me since I first started using LP some years ago, and it makes no sense. It's not limited to specific sites, and there are no settings set anywhere that should cause this issue. (including URL rules, and Never URLs)
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