Several bugs, ticket :::5004P00000yMND1:::

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Several bugs, ticket :::5004P00000yMND1:::

Postby ChristiansNeedEncryptionToo » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:58 am


Over the past several years or so, using LastPass has usually been a delightful experience. I am entirely dependent on using some kind of password manager, in an effort to be as secure as I can be while online. I have encountered several bugs, which have hindered my full enjoyment of using LastPass. Thanks in advance for working to improve LastPass! Exactly who originally designed this software? What was the inspiration?

1) Occasionally, upon changing passwords on many different sites, the corresponding entry in LastPass's database is unchanged. I don't recall which specific websites this happens on, but it didn't seem to matter what kind of website was involved.

2) Often times the username or userid is not picked up correctly. An email address is often filled in in lieu of a simpler non-address style username.

3) When adding new sites to the vault, the listing of sites in the vault is not updated, showing the newly added site.

4) Cutting and pasting the password field in the data entry form when viewing that form often picks up erroneous information. This may be a property of the text selection mechanism in my laptops' operating system or browser.

5) With my multiple google accounts, when one account username is selected, at the following password prompt the selected account password that is automatically entered is often the password of a different account. One must deliberately select the same account AGAIN for the password. [ Of course, this is merely a nuisance, if I had not LastPass, I would have been quite hopeless.]

6) Some default display settings in the vault display are not persistent between sessions. This includes the
default selection of sorting the list ordering of sites by name and topic. There seems to be no way to configure a default for viewing order of this display.

7) Annoying banner tutorial "ad" asking for tour doesn't respect selection of "never" between sessions.

8) This is probably the most annoying of all of these. When clicking to launch a site from the pull down menu on the toolbar on my browser (Firefox/Linux...), the website is NOT launched. Nothing happens. Intermittent.

9) The form listing all information about a stored website (activated via the pencil icon) does not contain a 'launch' button to launch that webite.

10) LastPass becomes confused at times about when to update an entry when a password or username is changed on a website. Sometimes websites only ask for a password, and LastPass may not even pick up the fact that you are changing login credentials on a site. I have seen new items added to the database in LastPass with your newly added or updated password coming out as the username on the updated/newly added database item.

-- Stephen
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