Firefox Addon Stops Responding After about a week

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Firefox Addon Stops Responding After about a week

Postby charlie771 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:46 am

Hi All,

I wondered if anyone else has the same issue - with the add-on for Firefox. I like I am sure a lot of people don't restart that often and i find that the add-on for FF seems to stop working correctly after a while. It usually works find when filling passwords in, the problem comes when saving passwords. It tries to do it and then says its unable to save the password. Other than that, the toolbar seems to work OK, it will Generate passwords still etc

A few bits of technical:

FF Version is: 68.02
Lastpass Version is: 4.31.1

It is in fairness usually around a week before this happens, but its annoying and if I don't report it it cant be fixed and I do love my Lastpass system, saves me so much time!!!
If it can be fixed that would be great! Perkins News
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