New to Lastpass Auto pwd change not working

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New to Lastpass Auto pwd change not working

Postby Dracarys76 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:59 am

Hello a friend recently tipped me on how great Lastpass is ...............

I have installed it recently, using a latest version Chrome browser and installed the LP extension.....

The moment i had to create my Master pwd i was already disappointed cause the pwd i used to use is the one i would never forget, though i realized being tipped by a friend that using this one as the master and let LP create safe pwds for all my other accounts would be the PERFECT solution for me... Unfortunately LP has a requirement of at least a certain amount of letters and a minimum comb reg. although i'm fully aware of the risks and why their option is safer, the fact that i want to use LP makes me an aware person and i'm convinced using a less safe pwd according to LP but one i will never forget and i'm 1000 percent sure no one will ever guess it, in my case much safer then having to create something new to fit LP's standards...
Using my chosen Masterpwd to my taste is much easier to remember then to create something LP demands ,the fact that i could use it in this way and have all my other accounts created/generated a strong random pwd is already much much safer than most peeps are online ....

The next issue is that the auto pwd change option is not working for any website...WTF? Thats the whole reason i want to use this app....
The only thing that i can think of is that perhaps i have to remove/clean the Google keypass "vault" first ???? i do not thinks so but before i do this please help.....

Also i have noticed that all my old websites/accounts i add to LP who have less then 12 character pwds, i cannot even click the auto change pwd option, so i have to do this manually , i mean one by one ?
I would love to be secure, use LP as my main pwd manager but in this case i guess i have to look for an alternative, it looks and feels great but please help why is it so difficult for me to use it the way it is suppose to work??
Sorry for the long rant, im very frustrated cause the user experience is so bad as a first timer as i was very enthusiastic when my friend tipped me about this app and i could not find anybody on Google who has had these issues like me ....

Thanks for any help!
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Re: New to Lastpass Auto pwd change not working

Postby joelunch » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:19 am

Same here.
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