LastPast Issue After Upgrading to Windows 10 1903

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LastPast Issue After Upgrading to Windows 10 1903

Postby mrm169 » Mon May 27, 2019 2:11 pm

After upgrading my desktop to Windows 10 1903 launching File Explorer painfully slow (1-15 seconds). Upon investigation using Task Manager, determined that LastPass Tray Icon CPU utiliization jumped from less than 1% to slightly over 30% when I started File Explorer and then went back to 1% after File Explorer appeared on the screen. Used MSconfig Startup to Disable starting LastPass Tray Icon on boot. File Explorer not works quickly and responsively. Not sure what the impact of disabling LastPass Tray Icon.


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Re: LastPast Issue After Upgrading to Windows 10 1903

Postby brettmb1154 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:50 am

I am having this same problem. After shutting down the Lastpass in the taskbar, my windows 10 file explorer is running quickly. I reinstalled the latest
LastPass for Applications but that did not help. I notice that trying to select or open the Lastpass options in the system tray does not want to respond but clicking on the some of the other icons/apps in system tray is quick. There is an issue with LastPass causing Windows File Explorer to run very slowing (like waiting a couple of minutes before opens the windows explorer or trying to open a file location in a new window).
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