Chrome extension gets corrupted and freezes my computer

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Chrome extension gets corrupted and freezes my computer

Postby cmilte429 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:15 pm

For the second time today, and about the 10th time this year, the LastPass extension in Chrome has failed, locking up my laptop for several minutes. Chrome indicates the extension is corrupted. I click repair, and the extension is reinstalled. This is only happening on a single laptop. I haven't experienced this on any other machines where LastPass is installed. The laptop in question is a Core i7-4600M (dual core, 4 hyperthreads) with 8GB of RAM. I usually have 20-30 tabs open in Chrome, while also running Outlook, Teams, OneNote, multiple Explorer windows, multiple RDP sessions, and multiple SSH sessions, Is this just the result of too many applications running on an underpowered laptop?
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