lost phone authenticator and email question

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lost phone authenticator and email question

Postby andys2003 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:29 pm

hi there,

i have a scenario question about the authenticator and email backup. having recently started using LP, i have enabled 2FA but am worried getting locked out.

imagine the scenario where i’ve lost my phone.

i try to login to my LP premium account and the authenticator comes up and i click on send a secure code to my email account coz i lost my phone.

but i can’t login to my email coz i don’t know the super complicated password that i have generated by LP! and i can’t get into my LP account coz i can’t get past the 2FA!

what to do then? hope someone can clarify this for me as in the (albeit highly unlikely) situation i’ve lost my phone or am in a situation where i have to login to my LP account but no phone, i have a backup plan.
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