adding a second 2 factor key to my account - issues

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adding a second 2 factor key to my account - issues

Postby abjamison78 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:59 pm

I have added a primary Yubico key to my account awhile back without any issues. Now I am trying to add a backup key and no matter what I try I can't get it to insert the generated code when I press the button, only on the lastpass window. I have added this same key to my google and other accounts without issue, so I know the key is good and working properly.

When I go to add it as a second key to lastpass however, nothing happens. I've downloaded the yubikey key mgmt software and my pc is detecting the key properly. I've even tried in multiple computers. It just wont insert the string when I press the "button" on the yubikey while inside the "add 2 factor" screen for lastpass.

I did a google search and didn't see any relevant results and a quick search of these forums, but didn't see anything quite like this issue. I may have overlooked, but are there any suggestions? I really would like to add multiple keys to my account for backups.
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