Possible Access By Other Users Computers

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Possible Access By Other Users Computers

Postby LS99 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:48 pm

When I logged into my laptop with a Windows admin account (domain), I was able to access my regular Windows account's full LastPass credentials (the LP software was still logged in with my credentials). I think this may be a particular scenario issue, so I will explain as we have not been able to recreate the issue since rebooting. Or possibly this was fixed at some point on the version of Windows?

Device: Windows 10 (version 1511) on a Dell laptop.
LastPass newest software for applications/IE/Chrome are installed on my laptop.
I have LastPass credentials associated to my Windows account.
My administrator account (domain) does not have a LastPass credentials associated.

Scenario: On my laptop, I was logged in with my regular Windows user account. I reinstalled LastPass (applications/Chrome/IE) as I had not used LP in over a year (so LP was disabled and unused for the desktop/Chrome/IE). After the installation of the newest installers/plugins downloaded yesterday from the LP downloads website, I logged into LP locally and was able to verify that LP was active on the desktop/Chrome/IE. (NOTE: In order to install the software, I had to use elevated privileges with my admin account.) The software did not require any reboots. I then "switched accounts" from my regular Windows login with my administrator account on the laptop (I did not log off my regular account but only did a switch). When the desktop showed up for my administrator account, my LastPass was still logged into the desktop/Chrome/IE with my LP credentials without logging into LastPass. I was able to recreate this issue multiple times.

I had someone else log into my laptop (using the "switch account" method) with their elevated credentials and the LP software was not logged in.

After I rebooted my laptop, I was not able to recreate the issue (so far). So hopefully, this is a specific scenario related issue.
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