Keeps logging out

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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby pelikan » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:53 pm

Is there a fix for this?
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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby BWB8771 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:03 pm

"Fix"? No. But I have been able discover the following options, er, necessary steps will let you at least close the browser, and start back up with LP still logged-in (if that was how you had it configured)
- disable any synchronizing between browsers (e.g. Firefox Sync)
- export/back up your bookmarks
- uninstall the browser.
- run a disk cleanup program
- reinstall the browser, extensions, and import the bookmarks
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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby jeff871 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:36 am

I think i maybe fixed it. I installed Firefox on a second computer and the LP add-on. No problem with being logged off automatically when I did not want to be logged off. I then "refreshed" Firefox and had to reinstall all my add-ons including LP. Tested it several times and whereas before each time I closed the browser I got logged out of LP, now each time I closed the browser I am not logged off. When I start the browser again, I am still logged in. I will test overnight and after reboots in the next day or two.
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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby xoqtox1960169 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:23 am

Why does my free Last pass keep loging me out? i use to stay logged in for 14 day at a time. Can i go into setting and change this? Thanks for any help Sincerely Carol
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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby NWWanderer » Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:20 am

Lastpass has always been too finicky for our small business and my personal computers. But lately it just logs me out of every computer I'm on randomly. And, of course, I have 2FA enabled but don't keep my phone (which I rarely ever use) on me. So I have to schlep out to my office (in a separate building on my property) to get a phone to enter the authenticator code... Then to interact with this forum, even once I'd successfully logged back into my account for the fourth time today, I had to go to the email account associated with LP to confirm this is my computer. God. I'm willing to sacrifice SOME convenience for security, but not all this--several times a day. I don't have the preference to log me out on other computers activated. And I'm not finding anywhere with advice on how to stop this bothersome log-out.

We're looking into using Trezors as our new PW manager and giving all ocmpany admins and employees TZ's. I've tried it myself and the major inconvenience is having to lug the tiny machine around. But it fits on a keychain very easily and is extremely light.

We've used LP for YEARS but no one from the company is coming forward to address a frequent complaint--the dreaded log out which takes too much precious time to keep logging back in for. Worse, even once you're logged back in, LP soon logs you out yet again. Frustrating and a waste of our time.
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Re: Keeps logging out

Postby acerweberville » Sat Dec 21, 2019 12:53 pm

This is really the last straw for LastPass and me. I'm at the point where EVERY TIME I launch Chrome it launches a LastPass Yubikey prompt. Nothing stops it. Tried all the solutions above. Don't have a lifetime to spend on this issue. Not going to have my web life dominated by this unreliable piece of crap software any longer.

Buh-bye LastPass. Please try to learn how to write better software . . . .
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