Complicated passwords

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Complicated passwords

Postby Stef » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:07 am


After upgrading to premium, I am planning on scrapping all the passwords I have for this, that, and the other, replacing them with LP created complicated ones (letters, symbols etc etc) and have LP just manage them all, which is great as it will save me many a headache remembering them all without recording them all somewhere (worst case scenario). The only flaw I can see in this plan is, if I create all these complicated passwords, and then on the off-chance I then need to log onto Facebook (for example) from a different device/PC, how can I do this given I won't be remembering passwords anymore? Made harder by being very complex now?

Or can I not do this without specifically installing some level of LP platform on the device/PC?

I have the iOS LP app and was wondering if LP would adopt a principal of maybe using the app like a called upon authenticator to confirm these logins from other places, but I can't find anything on the app that seems to lead in that direction?


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Re: Complicated passwords

Postby FlyingHawk » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:36 pm

You can either
check your passwords on your phone through the app,
go to, and check your passwords via the web interface.

You may also want to generate and use one time password (click here for docs) for better security.
But ideally you should use the app on your phone.
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