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Last Pass NEVER works in hotmail.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:13 pm
by smsavage32
While last pass works nearly perfect for most of the websites I use it for,
Hotmail (live) NEVER works.
What I have to do to get it to login into Hotmail is: go to my last pass account, copy the password and then paste it into the password field.
Works every time if I do that.

Oddly, the length of dots (password character cover-ups) that appear initially, appear to show that something of the right length is initially put in, but then it snaps back to a smaller size.
When I manually cut/paste the password in (as described before), the size doesn't do that snap back to small size.

F.Y.I I have searched the message board for this problem and have seen posts on it all the way back to 2015 ... of which no help was offered.
Is this just one of those issues that has been around for so long that it just get ignored?