"Google Authenticator authentication required! Upgrade your"

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"Google Authenticator authentication required! Upgrade your"

Postby Jaymax » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:14 pm

Can't change my master password, because I get the message in the subject in an alert dialog on my freshly power-washed, everything up-to-date Chromebook.

Searching, I can find many people reporting this problem over many years, so it seems to be a long running bug. In all the forum threads reporting this that I read, there does not seem to be a single reply from LP staff! I wonder if this will be any different, or if Ill have to log a support ticket from out teams (rather than my personal) LP account...

The resolution seems to just be 'I tried again some [unspecified] time later and it worked', which is hardly satisfactory.
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