Crashes Fix

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Crashes Fix

Postby eckogecko » Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:08 pm

I had a repeat of crashes with 1.30 and then went back to 1.29 and it worked no crashes.Then 1.31 came out, installed and crashed firefox.
I had a repeat of crashes with 1.31
But I fixed it with this solution

Download Firefox 3.03 again from the site
Uninstall the current firefox
REMOVE ALL profiles and data left behind in Programs Folder, Apps Data, Local Settings, (Anything with Mozilla delete it)
Install Firefox
Close all tabs and close firefox
Restart firefox and reinstall all other plugins

IT COULD be that something is interfering with LastPass from properly launching. So doing a FRESH reinstall should do it.
IT COULD also be that updating a new lastpass version could be causing it to crash because some old file is left over. WE NEED AN UNINSTALLER CLEANUP LAST PASS

This is what I've done and it is working without any problems

Last Pass TroubleShooters are Useless!!!!!!!!!!!. I had no solution from any threads.
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