Chrome isn't sharing login (binary installed)

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Chrome isn't sharing login (binary installed)

Postby Saintless » Fri May 10, 2013 1:43 pm

When I log into LastPass using Chrome, it's not sharing that with Firefox and IE. If I log in with either of the other browsers, Chrome does see it, and I have verified that I have the binary version installed. This has been the case on all of my computers, and I'm frustrated, so I thought I'd see how to resolve this, since I most often use Chrome first, but need the other browsers at work.

I'm a software developer, so I think I've tested this pretty well. One anomaly is that in Firefox, if I've logged in to LP via Chrome, and I have FF set to open the login dialogue when the browser opens, the first time I login "takes" and the icon changes to red quickly, but then logs off, and I have to log in a 2nd time.

If I log in to LP via Firefox or IE, then open Chrome, I will be logged in, inside of Chrome.

I did try uninstalling the Chrome extension, since it auto installs when I sign in to my Google account, and then uninstalling the LP binary, then reinstalling it. However, LP didn't show up in Chrome, then, so I had to reinstall the Chrome extension. I verified that Chrome is using the binary, since the "About" has "Binary Component: true (NPAPI)", as well as Firefox with "Fast Encryption: true (ctypes)".

So.... in my situation, using the newest stable versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE, currently on WIndows 7 Enterprise, but also using Windows 8 at home, and various versions of Windows 7 recently, what is the proper installation procedure to get this working right?
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