Starting Winodws starts Google Authenticator?

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Re: Starting Winodws starts Google Authenticator?

Postby jjcoolaus » Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:50 pm

jonat Wrote:Which of my suggestions fixed the problem for you? Looking at the script, I don't see where it actually starts IE though that may be done indirectly by BGInfo. The oIe variable isn't used in what you posted.

I tried removing both bginfo and powerdocsapihost as you suggested, but then when it worked after restart, i put power docs API back in, restarted again and it continued to be ok.

I'm no programmer but I think it was this line causing the issue:
"Set oIe = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")"
I realise that's only setting a variable to be called upon later (or at least i think that's what's happening), but when this taskbar item is clicked, it uses internet explorer to show a HTML view of the information BGInfo is getting from the system.

We had an interesting issue last week where a colleague's PC's BGInfo was white - i had to double click it to find out what the IP address was but instead i just loaded up CMD -> ipconfig /all and found out that sure enough, the colleague's static IP went walk about (as we say in Australia) and that's why they couldn't run their reports from one of our systems.

However it looks like i'm not quite done yet in making this thing's passwords secure.

When I got to work this morning, I opened internet explorer only to be immediately greeted by the google authenticator window again - BUGGER - i thought i had this resolved but clearly it's still broken.

Back in the settings, this time I have ticked "automatically logout when all browsers are closed" (it wasn't before) and set the threshold at 1 minute (because i wasn't sure if 0 meant immediately, or never) and i've also ticked "automatically logoff after idle"

I'm working on the assumption that for some reason, when i left work last night, lastpass didn't logoff and i'm always religious about ensuring my PC is shut down before I leave. (electricity is so expensive here now that i believe it should be a discplinary offense to leave your PCs on overnight /end rant)
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Re: Starting Winodws starts Google Authenticator?

Postby jonat » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:14 pm

I recommend setting the "automatically logout" to 0 - that means on close and it won't store the token outside of the browser. You should also set "Automatically log off after idle" - I use a value of 120 (two hours) here. Even if I leave my browser running, it logs off after two hours of no use.
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