LastPass for Apps popup bug

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LastPass for Apps popup bug

Postby nibb » Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:29 am

I have my Windows taskbar on the top, actually it doesnt matter where you have it. LastPass always things you are using the icon on the bottom.

If you open a software on which you have a login store the fill notification popup appears always in the bottom. Something very annoying as I have my LP icon on the top.

I would ratter prefer that it works like roboform where it comes under the login box of the software. For a simple reason. I have multiple logins for the same software, and I always have to choose which one to use. With Roboform it comes right under the software for fast switching, with LP I have to move the mouse all way down to the right bottom (it always appears there) even if the software is opened on the left top. If you have a big screen like I do or even 2 monitors of 23 each this is very frustrating.
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