Enterprise MSI Installer Behavior

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Enterprise MSI Installer Behavior

Postby mmazurkiewicz572 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:58 am

I'm working on trying to deploy LastPass Enterprise to my organization and the MSI installer isn't behaving how I expect it to.

Based on the instructions I am trying to install as msiexec /quiet /i LastPassInstaller.msi so it installs all detected and supported browsers as well as the Windows application between both Windows 7 and 10 systems. What I'm experiencing is that the browser plugins get installed in Chrome, Firefox and IE but they are disabled by default. I don't want to have to send follow-up instructions to hundreds of users for how to enable the plugins.

Next, I've found that the plugin for Edge just doesn't get installed either, and I have some users that prefer to use it.

Meanwhile, if I use the LastPassInstaller.exe, everything gets installed without any issue, but I'd prefer to use the MSI so it can be deployed silently since the exe requires interaction and will raise questions.

Any advice for how to silently deploy this?
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