Can't uninstal

Help with the Windows installer (lastpass.exe)

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Can't uninstal

Postby dwainew » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:35 pm

Using vista home premium 64 bit, IE 7

I'm very aggravated because the "uninstall" mentioned in the FAQ is not there.
Go to Start -> Program Files -> LastPass -> Uninstall LastPass.
i.e., NO UNISTALL ITEM in the start menu!!

Neither is there a traditional add/remove programs entry for the application. I use lastpass a lot and like it, but am pretty embarrassed after helping a friend try the product on their computer but now can't do a CLEAN UNINSTALL!!
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Re: Can't uninstal

Postby JoeSiegrist » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:41 pm

dwainew Wrote:Using vista home premium 64 bit, IE 7

Are you saying you're using the the completely alpha, only available via the forums version of LastPass for IE for x64? If so you'll have to uninstall that using the 'unreglp.bat' that is included in

For something easier you can also go to IE -> Tools -> Manage Addons and disable LastPass
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