Does LastPass interfere with Windows 7 Activation?

Help with the Windows installer (lastpass.exe)

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Does LastPass interfere with Windows 7 Activation?

Postby Acorp » Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:58 pm

Has anyone had any reports or issues activating Windows 7 with LastPass installed? There are some issues with other programs interfering with Windows 7 activation, but nothing about LastPass. I don't have any of the other programs that may interfere installed, but still can't active Windows 7 [Beta - Build 7100], so I was wondering if it was LastPass that may somehow be preventing me from Activating Windows 7?

Also - I haven't searched the forums for this, so this question may already be addressed...can I uninstall LastPass, attempt to activate Windows 7, then re-install LastPass once Windows 7 is activated (if this is even the problem) without losing any saved passwords? Could someone give me the steps to do that?


- Acorp
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Re: Does LastPass interfere with Windows 7 Activation?

Postby drew » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:51 pm

I've personally tested LastPass with Windows 7, and haven't run into the issue you describe. However, if LastPass turns out to be the culprit, let us know and we'll try to track it down.

Because all your encrypted data is stored on our servers, you can uninstall and reinstall LastPass without any data loss. To uninstall, simply go to:

Start -> Program Files -> LastPass -> Uninstall

When you're ready to reinstall, you can do so from:

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